To write….or not to write

“All the good and all the beautiful in the world is created by people who SHOW UP before they are ready.” -Glennon Doyle Melton

dsc_0164-2Deciding to start writing down and sharing real, and uncomfortable, personal situations with the world is kinda crazy. But, it’s brave. The author I quoted above poses the idea that the world is brutal AND, the world is beautiful. In fact, the word she uses is Brutiful. So, I’ll just hop on the wagon and call my Crazy and Brave attempt to identify with other people in similar situations-Brazy. I’m going to show up before I’m ready. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up sounding Brupid….:)

Wanna hear something scary? The fastest growing population in the United States for depression, drug dependancy, and suicide are women between 45 and 65. When I read that, my first thought was-“I feel ya man. Life is really hard!” Then I got sad because I realized that a good majority of those 45-65 year old women have given this world beautiful children, helped raise them or raised them on their own, put their career on hold or were working mom’s, took care of their elderly parents because they wanted to, loved and tried to be good spouses…..and are now finding themselves lost.They are hopeless, overwhelmed with the world, afraid, alone, and in some cases done.

That was when I pulled out my Brazy. An outraged little voice in my head yelled, “Well that’s just WRONG!!!” Maybe, if I show up before I’m ready (cuz who is ever ready to put their pain out for public consumption) it will help someone else.

I will never claim to have answers, because I struggle every day. There isn’t a solution, but there IS better. If you are struggling, or you are reading this and you love someone who is….let’s help each other. That’s WHY WE ARE HERE…on this Earth. Grab a hand and keep reading. Be BRAZY with me because we have given the world A LOT, and we have more to give AND to receive.



2 thoughts on “To write….or not to write

  1. Betsy

    Brutiful! MY life! With two teenagers left in the house, I am constantly trying to strike the perfect balance of cramming everything I know into them, while cherishing the dwindling time we are all in the same place at the same time. You are not alone!!


    1. Thank you for sharing that, Betsy. Cramming and cherishing seem like opposite ends of the spectrum until you’re a MOM!! It’s real! And, I know I’m not alone! 🙂 I’m just trying to make sure others know that—neither are they. We are all in this together!


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