Just Me….

I freakin’ love this picture.

unnamed-1It started as kind of a joke. I was at a wedding, the most beautiful one I’ve ever been to by the way, and this lovely spot is where our bride entered to meet her groom.

After the ceremony and into the festivities, couples began wandering over to this gorgeous open air doorway to have their photo taken together. Happy couples do that at weddings.

Me being me, I was the third wheel with my awesome sister/friend and her husband. The 3 of us were enjoying the lovely view as one of those happy couples posed and smiled. As they walked away, I looked at sister/friend and said,”My turn! Photo with my date!!” We

were all laughing and it turned into an “Oh well, here I am again” kind of pose.

Did I mention…..I freakin’ LOVE this picture? At that moment, just me with my invisible boyfriend, was enough.

I don’t write that with a pity poor me attitude. It’s just a real statement about the way my life has turned out post-divorce. I am a Mom of 4, with an ex-husband who has lived out of state for the last 7 years. Do you know what that means?? That means, I have been by myself raising TEENAGERS! For YEARS! I should be drunk all the time, right??

There is only one of me, and it’s CRAZY. My household is not quiet, we do not always like each other, I am most often the Dean of Mean and the speaker of the infamous phrase, “Um, NO.” My last parent volunteer gig was at The Snack Shack during a Field Hockey game. Every other parent there knew the drill, and they knew each other. I’m there saying, “Yea, I think I’ve seen you a couple times at the grocery store.”

I cry a lot, but not a sad cry. It’s a frustrated/tired cry because bare minimum is all I seem to be able to give and it is literally EVERYTHING. I. HAVE..

Just Me….Is Enough, and here is why. Enough is all anyone EVER needs. Not “Too Much” or “The Best”, but E.N.O.U.G.H.

A piece of cardboard covering a broken window during a New England winter was enough to keep the snow out. Counting up some spare change from our “community change jar” was enough to get my youngest her donation to the Coaches end of the year gift. Two un-matching socks (which are all we have) are enough to keep our feet warm.

So, I’m going to write about me and my people and all the little things that have made most days enough. Like these faces.


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